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I was born in Athens in 1980. I studied graphic design in Spain. I work as a radio producer, graphic designer and dj in Athens for over a decade. I have worked as a journalist, with magazines and newspapers. I go around with my motorbike in the city which I consider the most beautiful in Europe, for its feeling, authenticity, natural beauty.

I would like to share with you some walks that will introduce this unique Athens to you.

The National Garden is just a two-minute walk from the Syntagma Metro Station in the very heart of Athens. Full of small paths, over wooden bridges and under giant tree branches. The National Garden is open all days of the year, from sunset till sundown. There is a beautiful cafe within its premises open daily from 9 am to 3. Entrance is free.
is one of my favorite coffee bars in the city center. A bar with identity in a region of the “Montmartre of Athens,” Mets. As with the district of Paris, so you will find here painters, architects, scholars, sculptors and artists of all kinds. Jazz-blues notes of a cello in a corner of the room, black and white posters of old plays, marble tables. Some have four-legged escorts, as the Odeon is Pet Friendly. If you are lucky, you will also watch a live performance. Odeon, Mark Mousourou, 19 Mets, tel: 210 922 3414

Cue Bistro: Beautifully decorated and cute space near the Evaggelismos metro station. Really nice coffees and kind staff. 31 Spyrou Mekrouri Str. T: 21 0724 1683

Myrovolos is placed on the beautiful Avdi Square in Metaxourgio. Especially nice during the summer when it is in bloom and full of scents. Nice food and music. Really popular for girls and boys. 12 Yatrakou Str. T: 210 522 8806

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