Vassilis Thanopoulos


I was born in Athens, 30 years ago. I studied journalism and media and I am currently the editor in chief of Antivirus Magazine, the only LGBT media in the country. When not at work, I fight with my dog and, as I live at the southern suburbs of the city, I enjoy a good ride with my car by the sea. What do you think? Shall we go for a ride?

When in the city center, I always enjoy a nice coffee at a small store called Lacandona. Hidden in a pedestrian street named Ypitou ( Ypitou 4), it offers fair trade beverages and treats from all over the world. Friday evenings are quite popular as an open air party takes place until late.
In the evening, a walk around the historical center will surely engage your senses with authentic images and scents before you reach the gay village of the city (Gazi) where everything becomes simply colorful. However, given that the gay scene has now expanded to the whole city, your choices of areas to visit are limitless. I would propose Kolonaki, Petralona, Psiri and more.
Oh… and if the weather allows it, a stroll by the sea is a must…

Editor in Chief – Antivirus Magazine
Vassilis Thanopoulos
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