Nikos Kalivas

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I have studied Maths and Dance. For the last 5 years I have worked as a dancer and choreographer.

After a strong breakfast at your hotel, keep some space for some coffee or tea or traditional sweet at a local cafe after a walk from Monastiraki Square to Plaka. Search for Yasemi cafe, and if you are lucky you  will find a table by the old fireplace or outside by the stairs dressed with jasmines.

Visit the Acropolis Musuem! (It is one of the 10 best museums of world according to Travellers’ Choice awards 2016). For the hungry ones there is a nice restaurant with local tastes at the top of it with a great view.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is the new arrival in town. Loads of performances and exhibitions. The buildings of the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera can host up to 4,000 people. There are also lobby areas, the Lighthouse, a beautiful park etc.

You can go for shopping at the flea market near Monastiraki.

Exarcheia region is famous as “the alternative” neighborhood of Athens .The National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the National Technical University of Athens and Strefi Hill are all located in Exarcheia. The central square features many cafes and bars with numerous retail computer shops located mainly on Stournari Street, also called the Greek Silicon Valley. Located on Exarcheia Square is one of the oldest summer cinemas of Athens, called “Vox“, known as the “Blue Building”, because of its initial color, which is a typical example of the modernist movement of Greek architecture in the interwar period. Due to the political and intellectual character of the neighborhood, many bookstores, fair trade shops and organic food stores and comic book shops are located there.

The Onassis Cultural Centre is an Athens’ cultural space hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations and on educating children and people of all ages through life-long learning. Works from greek and foreign artist are waiting for you.

Bars, wineries and clubs where you can be silent and think about your past, or where you can be loud and make your futute. Kokkinos Lottos and Vissinokipos at Exarcheia, Booze Cooperativa and A for Athens rooftop at Monastiraki, Bartesera and the Key bar at Syntagma, Ble Papagalos and Astari at Kerameikos places I love. For those who love to dance, Gazi hosts the most clubs where you can move free. I suggest you improvise and let yourself to Athens night and for sure you will have fun.

Dancer, Choreographer
Nikos Kalivas
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