Michalis Ikonomou

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I am an actor based in Athens. I have participated in lots of theatrical performances as well as in movies. I have been nominated as the best greek young actor in 2010.


I would suggest Dexameni Square, over Kolonaki at the foot of Lycabettus Hill, for me encapsulates all the beauty and simplicity of Athens. It is near the center, it is wonderful for a stroll and a coffee during a sunny afternoon. Or try the local taverna which has wonderful flavors from all around Greece and at very good prices. During summer you can also watch a movie in the outdoor cinema (such cinemas only exist in Greece and Italy, as far as I know) that is full of the scent of night flowers. Beautiful place, full of locals, beautiful faces, youth groups with authentic Athenian vibes, without being simply another tourist attraction. You’ll find me there between spring and autumn. Cheers


Michalis Ikonomou
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