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I am Kappa Nee. I started dj’ing in bars, cafes and clubs of Athens in 2000, most of them in the LGBT community. I also worked in big venues and festivals out of the city. I could name more than 45 residencies, guest and music coverages. I volunteered in many events of the community and for the benefit of public good. I have worked and played with big names of the domestic and international music scene, gay or straight. In the wintertime, I am one of the resident djs of The Apartment club of Athens, the venue that changed the capital’s nightlife by entering the circuit scene!

I grew up in the beautiful city of Athens and so did my parents and their families before me for many generations. If you happen to visit this beautiful and full of energy city, you could choose from the Northern suburbs, the very green part of the city, Kifisia for very elegant shopping, or visit the Olympic facilities in Marousi. You should try to discover the little neighbourhoods of the center of Athens. So close to the touristic places, they will surprise you more than you wouldexpect. Walk around the Psirri area, don’t hesitate to try every single little street of Koukaki, just behind the Acropolis’Museum. You can walk Panepistimiou Street up to Syntagma Square while sightseeing all the way. Or jog down beautiful Ermou Street to find yourself in the Gazi area, the so called gay village of Athens, where you could start with a coffee and end up clubbing till the very next morning!

I really enjoy having my tea in the Gazi area square at Del Sol cafe, a place which attracts cute people and is really friendly to our community!. You can find the club that express you more but I highly recommend The Apartment Athens club because I only mess with the best (!) plus it combines 2 stages, pop and mainstream music bar on level 0 and circuit house on level -1. The only place that plays circuit house music and has guested the biggest dj names and festival brands of the world such as XLSIOR -where I also am a proud member of for the past 2 years- and MATRIX that show their full support!

Welcome to my city!

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