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As members of the notorious Kompakt family, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have carved out a niche thanks to their original sound and outrageous, fun-loving attitude.  In the beginning there was no plan, just a chance meeting at WMC in 2007 which resulted in a bond, setting off a natural chain of events. From promoting & DJing at their own midweek mangle and Cherry nightclub in Montreal, aptly entitled ‘BLOND:ISH’, it wasn’t long until in 2010 they decided to pack up and ship out of Canada. Landing first in London, the influential city provided the perfect location for their musical endeavours, which manifested itself in several key moments over the following years; from an old friend connecting them to the Kompakt family. A slew of original productions and gigs all over the world helped to reinforce their undying love for music and demonstrated that, where words fail, BLOND:ISH’s music speaks. One of their ultimate experiences taking place at Burning Man where for the last 4 years, they could share their ideologies with like minded people. Remixes for several high-profile artists showcased their ability to put a sly electronic BLOND:ISH spin on a myriad of styles. Electronic music legends Depeche Mode among the many recipients of their unique talents.

BLOND:ISH are now poised to embark on a new adventure with their debut album to be release on Kompakt in October 2015. Through a journey of discovery through their travels in South America, Mexico & India, they created Welcome to the Present. Flexing the psychedelic and spiritual influences that have already informed previous releases on Kompakt, the album drops as a major surprise, not so much as a collection of DJ-ready peak time bangers that some would have expected, but as a total trip, departing from the club comfort zone and exploring deeper shades of electronica.


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And it usually comes with an incredible view! Best combo we can think of. (Of course and the people, we always have a good laugh, for some reason we have the same sense of humor)
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