Benoit Breton

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Hi, my name is Benoit, I work for a national LGBT magazine in France and live in Paris.


What I love in Athens is its big mix. A mix of urban density and seashore, a mix of antiquity and moderness, a mix of quietness at the Acropolis and busy nightlife at Gazi.

To me, Athens is an inspiring city. Well this city obviously inspired a whole civilisation. I think it is due to its light that gives fifty shades of blues to the sky and the Mediterranean sea, reflects its brightness in the golden lime stones, and enhancing the rose petals of the bougainvilleas. I had the chance to visit Athens several times, but I still like to get lost in the city, and feel its vibration.

I never miss to bring back home some Korres products that I buy at their shop in the Plaka. After this shopping session, I like to go to Mama Roux, and enjoy their thai dishes with their typical cocktails.

At night, Gazi is definitely the best gay area to hang out. I love to do a round of the « 3S » clubs : Sodade2, Shamone, and S-cape!

And if I m still in a good shape, then I go to the Apartment, and keep awake till sunrise, and admire the sun appearing form the hills.

Wanna have the secret of the Athenian relaxness ? I guessed the potion : a simple spoon of olive oil with bread makes you feel like you are eternal.

Benoit Breton