An irresistible blend of authenticity and sex appeal

Welcome to Athens-Real, your window into Europe’s new hot gay capital. Join us in discovering a city without limits. Where there’s an irresistible blend of authenticity and sex appeal. And an enticing gay scene that’s ready to host you with a heady mix of street-life, bars, clubs, festivals, mouth-watering food and – of course – culture. The classics still stand tall in Athens, but there are modern touches that will make you see the city in a whole new light. So getting your cultural fix has never been more exciting. And when the sun goes down, that’s when Athens really comes to life. The nightlife is open, free, always up for fun. You can dance, chat or just surround yourself by a world of classic good looks. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it here.

“Athens is a unique mixture of old and new. Here you can feel and live history”

Briand Bedford-Eichler, Editor-in-Chief, Spartacus International Guide

A modern twist on the classics

You’ll want to start your day early. There’s nothing like a morning jog around the Acropolis, or maybe an outdoor yoga class. Well, any excuse to get on a sweat and reward yourself with a Turkish bath or a massage in the Thisseio area. One way or another, you’ll be heading out for a late-morning coffee. In fact, you could spend the day in the likes of Agia Eirini Square. There’s a gay groove there that you can’t get enough of. Like it or not, you’re going to wrench yourself away for a spot of culture. Ok, you have to see the Acropolis Museum, but don’t stop there. Get a modern twist on Athens with the recently relocated Museum of Contemporary Art, or the newly opened Opera House in the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre. Then it’s back to your hotel to get ready for a night out. It has to be a roof-top bar to start with. And from there, just when you might be winding down in another city, it’s off to Gazi, where there’s a whole gay industrial thing going on and the night’s just getting started.


“Experience pure, authentic luxury in the Greek capital. Athens is OutThere.”

Uwern Jong, Editor-in-Chief, OutThere magazine

Freedom, passion and zinging with ambition

Summer comes early in Athens, so you’ll want to head to the beach and discover the Athenian Riviera. Whatever you were up to the night before, the sun’s sweet rays and the cool beach vibe will invigorate you in no time. Athenians take looking good on the beach seriously. What better way to recharge the batteries before heading into town to get a taste for the city’s street-life. Maybe some shopping, definitely some walking. You’ll find a city where traditional and progressive are perfect bedfellows. There’s a gem around every corner: a mosque, a hammam, the Roman agora; and at the same time an open-air café, a busker, and a piece of street art that speaks to your sense of freedom. It’s the same passion that drives the city’s young chefs whose food is inspired by the classics but still zings with personal ambition. One way or another, you simply won’t be able to resist.

“Simply one of the oldest cities in the world and recognised as the cradle of Western democracy, philosophy and modern civilisation”

GayTimes Magazine

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